XS for Windows


XS for Windows is a full function decompression program aimed at divers of all levels. XS has the following features:

Example dive plans:
Nitrox dives
Trimix dives

New! Plan cave dives straight from the survey

The Buhlmann Algorithm
ZH-L16 explained in MS Word format

Gradient Factors & Deep Stops
What are they and why they work

  • NEW! Full rebreather support including open-circuit bail-outs
  • NEW! Incorporting model based on Hamilton Research's M11F6 algorithm
  • decompression planning using air, nitrox, trimix and/or heliox for bottom mix, and/or decompression
  • incorporation of Erik Baker's Gradient Factor algorithm for generating deep stop decompression profiles
  • advanced gas management features
  • easy contingency planning to account for lost decompression gases and other "what if" situations
  • multi-level diving
  • highly customizable algorithm
  • output in a format easily interpreted by MS Excel
  • options to generate dive tables over a range depths and bottom times
  • allows stops to be calculated at variable stop depths
  • altitude diving
  • repetitive diving
  • able to interpret cave surveys
XS for WIndows began life as a tool for planning a series of deep, mixed-gas cave dives in south-western France. The software which I had I did not feel was capable of planning the dives properly so the only choice I had was to write my own. In Spring 1999, XS was made available to freely to the public after it had been tested by a number of divers throughout Europe. Early in 2000, I added Gradient Factors and completely redesigned the interface to make it far more user friendly.
Entrance to Trou Madame in France
System Requirements:
  • Windows 95, 98 or NT4
  • Notepad or similar plain text editor should be installed
  • it will run on very low spec systems (I have personally run it on P90 processor with 8MB of RAM) but the better the system the better the performance
  • mouse
  • printer recommended
  • MS Excel or similar spreadsheet extremely useful for formatting XS generated dive tables
To download XS, please read the following:
This software (XS for Windows) should not be used for the planning of actual dives. This implementation of the Buhlmann ZH-L16 algorithm has received no scientific testing or validation. This software may contain bugs, the figures which it outputs may be erroneous. The schedules which it generates are simply the results of a few mathematical calculations which do not in any way represent the mechanics of the human body. Do not use this in situations where failure of the software may lead to illness, injury or death. The designers of this software accept no responsibility for illness, injury, loss or death of the user or any third party. Our line is simple, do not dive on the figures which this software produces.

Diving is dangerous, even more so when mixed gases and/or overhead environments are encountered.

I agree and wish to download the full version

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