Yeah, I know, so does every fucker else. You can't be seriously middle class without it. "Oh you must go to Iceland this year...". And there's about a million self-indulgent blogs from people who got a cheap Ryanair flight to some shit hole in Eastern Europe and suddenly they are experts on the place.

Guess what? I'm no different. Here are my smart-arsed ramblings on places I've been and I am so self-absorbed that I think I can do better than Wikitravel.

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The start of the East

Istanbul was a place I wanted to go since I was a kid. It was a place that I figured would be weird, ancient and puzzling. It was. I think it is maybe my favourite city on the planet.


Because everyone needs an Italian story to be properly pretentious

Here is where I prove my own theory, I get a cheap flight to somewhere obscure and suddenly I am a fucking expert.


Coming up

Upcoming trip..


Auld Reekie. Braw.